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History of American Journalism Images

Coffee, Cash, and the News

The Tontine Coffee House was the business and news center of New York. Between 1792 and 1817 it served as the home of the New York Stock Exchange. Until 1834 it offered its genteel customers national and international newspapers for perusal in its lavish reading room.

Penny Press Pioneer

James Gordon Bennett, founder and editor of the New York Herald.

Dastardly Deed

Richard Robinson prepares to murder Helen Jewett in this etching typical of the sensational coverage of this crime.


Joseph Pulitzer, owner and editor of the New York World, and the benefactor behind the Pulitzer Prize.

"Spanish Treachery"

Front page of William Randolph Hearst's New York Journal after the sinking of the USS Maine.

Technological Breakthough

Robert Hoe's four-cylinder rotary press.

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