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History of American Journalism Movies & TV

Citizen Kane (1941)

Considered by many the greatest film ever made, by others completely overrated, this Orson Welles classic offers a thinly veiled look at the life of William Randolph Hearst. Anyone interested in the history of film, anyone interested in the history of the newspaper, and anyone who has ever been confused by some reference to "rosebud," should watch this film.

All the President's Men (1976)

This movie has it all—Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford, brilliant investigative reporting, and lots of corduroy. This classic (if romanticized) portrayal of the Watergate investigation bred an entire generation of journalism majors.

Newsies (1982)

Bummed out by too many Jacob Riis photographs? Can't sleep since you read Lincoln Steffens' Shame of the City? Watch this movie and relax—the squalid underbelly of the America's largest city (at least as imagined by Walt Disney Studios) was apparently really a pretty perky place, full of singing!

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