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History of Labor Unions Video & Audio

U.S. Labor and Industrial History Audio Archive

A collection of speeches and lectures related to labor history. Listen to William Jennings Bryan in 1896 or to discussions of various issues related to labor history.

America at Work, America at Leisure

Makes more than 75 films from before 1915 of Americans at work and play available in digital form.

Strike at the Sperry Plant

A 1955 news report that shows the tension that can develop on a picket line.

Oral History of the Farmworkers Movement

Interviews with César Chávez and other labor organizers.

Seattle General Strike Project

The 1919 action in Seattle was the first citywide general strike in American history. Workers trying to make up for the wage freezes of World War I shut down the entire city. This site lets you hear interviews with participants.

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