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History of Rock & Roll

History of Rock & Roll

Jim Morrison in History of Rock & Roll

Jim Morrison (1943-1971) was the lead singer for the rock band The Doors. He is recognized today as one of the most unique, unpredictable, and mysterious front men in the history of rock.

In May 1969, during a concert in Miami, Florida, a drunk Jim Morrison encouraged the crowd to take their clothes off, and seemed to flash his genitals (although accounts of the event vary). The Miami Herald reported, "Morrison appeared to masturbate in full view of his audience, screamed obscenities and exposed himself." Morrison was promptly arrested, charged, and convicted for profanity and indecent exposure. The incident left the band forced to cancel much of their concert tour. The Doors would never be the same again. Two years later, Morrison was found dead of a heart attack.

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