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History of Rock & Roll Websites

The History of the Electric Guitar

The Smithsonian Institution's Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention & Innovation presents the history of the electric guitar complete with a cool image gallery featuring the many sleek, strong, and just plain strange instruments created throughout the past seven decades. Plus, find out exactly how guitars produce sound.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame offers a companion website to its museum. Highlights include a complete, chronological list of inductees, biographies and fun facts, and images of some of the thousands of rock and roll artifacts on display at the Hall of Fame museum. And, hey, if you're ever near Cleveland, Ohio, drop into "The House that Rock Built"! Visitor information is provided.

All Music

Perhaps one of the most comprehensive music-related sites on the web, allmusic.com allows you to search through thousands of artist biographies and discographies. Although a bit overwhelming at first glance, you can quickly learn to navigate through the wealth of information. Find out how many different artists covered your favorite song, or learn which bands and artists inspired your favorite singer. A warning: it's pretty easy to spend hours and hours here!

iTunes Music Store

Download Apple iTunes for free and begin browsing through the iTunes Store for music downloads. It's the best place on the web to purchase full albums or even individual songs. Even if you don't want to buy anything online, it's useful for listening to all sorts of things you may want to pick up at a local music store. Nearly everything can be sampled by listening to free song clips, and you can search by genre, artist, album, or song title. You will need a credit card for purchases.

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