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Interview with Hod (Höðr)

Hod (@TheBlindGod)’s Twitter feed

@TheBlindGod (Hod)
More dead Middle Earthlings arriving in Hel today. But these aren’t the cool ones. Those guys go to Valhalla. #justanotherday

@ThunderGod (Thor)
That’s as it should be.

@QueenOfTheUnderworld (Hel)
But Valhalla’s pretty empty compared to my hall.

@ShockinglyBeautiful (Freyja)
Hey, they might also end up at my place! How could you forget about Fensalir?

@TheBlindGod (Hod)
Hey, just to put the rumors to rest, in case anyone’s wondering: I did not intend to
kill Balder.

@HodFan (Middle Earthling)
True, that! And you don’t deserve to be in Hel. #clearhodsname

@GoldenBoy (Balder)
It’s true, you didn’t. But that doesn’t make me any less dead.

@TwitteringTrickster (Loki)
But you sure did aim that mistletoe straight for the heart. Snicker.

@TheBlindGod (Hod)
Fun fact: Mistletoe is actually a parasite. It sucks the life out of the trees it grows on. Kind of like it did to Balder. #weedkillers

@AvengingAngel (Váli)
If I recall, Brother, it was you who took Balder’s life.

@MistressOfAsgard (Frigg)
Who knew? That mistletoe seemed so young and innocent! #hindsight2020

@TheBlindGod (Hod)
The River Gjöll sure makes an awful racket. And I have super-sensitive hearing, since I can’t see. Haven’t slept in weeks.

@QueenOfTheUnderworld (Hel)
Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. You don’t have much choice.

@HelsBridgeGuardian (Modgud (Móðguð))
You think it’s bad where you are? Imagine living on the bridge right on top of it.

@TheBlindGod (Hod)
Hey, my best bro Hermod just rolled into town! Sweet! #bromance

@TheOtherBrother (Hermod)
That’s right, the fun has arrived! Break out the mead! #bromance

@MistressOfAsgard (Frigg)
Don’t you dare distract him, Hod! He’s supposed to be negotiating with Hel for Balder’s release.

@TheBlindGod (Hod)
Just got a guide dog! Should really help me with finding my way around Hel’s ridiculously large hall.

@QueenOfTheUnderworld (Hel)
It has to be big, to hold all the dead people. But I’m sure you’ll be navigating it like a pro in no time flat.

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