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by Louis Sachar

Holes Chapter 11 Summary

  • Back to the digging.
  • X-Ray approaches Stanley and suggests that if he finds anything else while he's digging, he should give it to X-Ray to turn in. Since he's been at the camp a lot longer than Stanley, X-Ray thinks he deserves a day off more.
  • Questionable logic, but Stanley more or less agrees to the plan.
  • After he goes back to digging, Stanley starts to think about the hierarchy at Camp Green Lake. X-Ray is obviously the leader of D Tent, even though he's one of the smallest boys. Not a bad set-up.
  • Then the fantasizing begins: he imagines all these boys coming with him to his school and beating up the bully Derrick Dunne when he tries to pick on Stanley. Ah, comeuppance.

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