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by Louis Sachar

Holes Chapter 12 Summary

  • When Stanley finishes digging his hole – once again, he's the last one to finish – he finds Mr. Pendanski and the other boys sitting in a circle back at the tent.
  • Mr. Pendanski says they are discussing their future plans: he asks the boys what they like to do, trying to get them to come up with ideas for future careers.
  • Then he launches into a lecture about how Stanley is the one responsible for where he is right now: he alone can set his life straight. This is some pretty serious stuff.
  • Mr. P says that each of the boys is special in his own way. "Even you, Zero," he says. "You're not completely worthless" (12.41). Well, then.
  • He asks Zero what he likes to do. The boy's response?: "I like to dig holes" (12.46).

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