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by Louis Sachar

Holes Chapter 14 Summary

  • The next morning, Stanley asks X-Ray if he has the gold tube, but X-Ray just gets angry. Huh?
  • Then, when Mr. Pendanski comes with the water truck, X-Ray doesn't say anything about the tube. But wait! As Mr. Pendanski is about to drive away, X-Ray calls him over and tells him that he's found something.
  • Mr. P looks it over and tells the boys that he thinks the Warden will like it. Fingers crossed. He drives off, returning a few minutes later with the Warden.
  • The Warden is a woman: she's tall with red hair and freckles, a black cowboy hat, and black cowboy boots. Just picture it. Seriously, picture it.
  • She asks X-Ray where he found the tube, and then – you guessed it – grants him the day off. She tells Mr. Pendanski to drive X-Ray back to camp, let him take a double shower, and give him some clean clothes.
  • But first, she tells him to fill all the boys' canteens. When Mr. P protests that he just filled them, the Warden gives him a verbal slapdown. If he doesn't learn to follow her orders without question, she'll have him start digging holes and let Stanley fill the canteens.

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