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Louis Sachar

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Holes Characters

Meet the Cast

Stanley Yelnats

Biggest LoserStanley is the downtrodden kid who gets kicked around by just about everyone and everything. He may be our hero, but he's not exactly the hero type, is he? After all, he goes through l...


According to most of the characters in the book, Zero is a big fat zero. Okay, maybe that's obvious, but it's also a key part of the story, so we'll take a look. Nobody to AnybodyEveryone in Holes...

The Warden

We get the shivers just thinking about the Warden. This scary lady is a descendent of Trout and Linda Walker, the original owners of Green Lake, and just like them, she's greedy, selfish, and has a...


X-Ray is the leader of the pack in D Tent. He's the smallest boy in the group (other than Zero), but he's still the big man on campus. One of his most important roles? To give nicknames to each of...

Mr. Pendanski

Mr. Pendanski is a bit of a puzzle. Unlike Mr. Sir, who is totally comfortable pushing the boys around and letting them know he's in charge, Mr. P wants to give the impression that he and the boys...

Miss Katherine (Kissin' Kate Barlow)

Sweet Miss Katherine, the schoolteacher in the nineteenth-century town of Green Lake. She's famous in the town for her prize-winning spiced peaches and her knock-out beauty. Described as "full of k...

Sam the Onion Man

Aw, Sam. We just love this guy. We also love his trademark phrase: "I can fix that." (Much better than the Warden's scary "Excuse me?" don't you think?) Sam is a young African-American man who live...

Elya Yelnats

What a name, right? Elya Yelnats is Stanley's "no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather" who lives in the 1850s. It's his broken promise to Madame Zeroni that dooms the Yelnats fam...

Mr. Sir

Rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, Mr. Sir is a pretty straightforward character. He represents the vulgar, unrefined side of power, and he is characterized by his constant chewing and spittin...

Derrick Dunne

This guy is your stereotypical bully. While he doesn't actually appear in the book except in Stanley's recollections of his life before Camp Green Lake, his relationship with Stanley gives us some...
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