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by Louis Sachar

The Warden Timeline and Summary

  • We actually hear about the Warden long before we meet her, when Mr. Pendanski tells Stanley that the only real rule at Camp Green Lake is "Don't upset the Warden" (5.6)
  • The first time we lay eyes on her is when she comes to the dig site after X-Ray claims to have found the gold tube.
  • The Warden supervises the digging for the next week and a half, but she gets more and more grumpy as time passes.
  • Enter crazy, scary, creepy scene. In a meeting with Mr. Sir and Stanley, the Warden paints her nails with rattlesnake venom and scratches Mr. Sir on the face. Yeah.
  • The Warden is part of a lot more funny business, and eventually she watches and waits as Stanley and Zero are about to be eaten alive by yellow-spotted lizards.
  • When Stanley and Zero emerge from the hole (alive!), the Warden tries – and fails, big time – to claim the treasure.
  • In the book's final chapter, we find out that the Warden, desperate for money, had had to sell Camp Green Lake and its land. Huzzah!