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Hop on Pop
Hop on Pop
by Dr. Seuss

Hop on Pop Awe and Amazement Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

House on mouse. (5.1-3)

Yes, that mouse just picked up that house, and yes, he’s running away with it. If you’ve never tried to pick up a house before, you might not know how awesome that accomplishment is. Trust us; it’s pretty awesome.

Quote #2

Jim is after him. (14.1-3)

A young ruffian named Jim chases down a liger creature. We’d have a hard time gaining the courage to chase down a lion or tiger. But a liger? Forget about it! Here’s your amazement award, Jim.

Quote #3

Three fish in a tree. (17.1-3)

And the awesomeometer continues to climb. We don’t know what it is about tree fish that we find so awesome. Perhaps it’s the eternal question of, “How can that be” (18.2)? Maybe they are simply awesome in-and-of themselves.

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