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Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop


by Dr. Seuss

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Hop on Pop Characters

Meet the Cast

A Notey Note on Characters

If there’s one thing Hop on Pop lacks, it’s a plot. If there are two things it lacks, the second would be typical character roles like protagonist, antagonist, and the like. Oh, there are chara...

The Sister and Her Family

We are introduced to this family at the end of the poem. It has a father, mother, sister, brother, and an other brother. The two younger brothers can read little words like “if and it” (59.4) w...

Confused Guy and the Youngling

We’re giving these names to the two guys at the end of the poem. The older one, Confused Guy, asks the Youngling what a word jumble says, and the Youngling says “Ask me tomorrow but not today...

Pop and the Kids

The kids like to walk, they like to talk, and they like to hop on their pop. Pop, on the other hand? He’s not such a big fan of the hopping. Sure, he’s got all that fluff in the middle, but int...

Mr. Brown and Mr. Black

Mr. Brown plays a jumping game with the pup and is launched “out of town” (43.1-2) Based on the bewildered look on his face, this flight was both unexpected and not entirely welcomed. But Mr. B...

Pat and Will

Pat has a sitting problem. He never looks where he sits, so he smushes all sorts of things: cats, hats, bats, and almost a cactus that would have made for a rather prickly seat.And then there's Wil...

The Singing Thing

There’s a Thing to be found in this poem, and this thing “can sing” (30.3). But the Thing sings too long, and ultimately bores the poor girl listening to it.What can we read into this quick c...

Wall Ballers

These guys play ball up on a wall. On the very next page, they all “[f]all off the wall” (10.3). This peewee narrative perfectly exhibits the wonders of stupid cause followed by painful effect.

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