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Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop


by Dr. Seuss

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All Things Seuss

If you want a place for all things Seuss, head over to Seussville. Take a right at Googletown and follow the Random House Highway till you see the exit.

But Of Course, Sir

Of course, Biography.com has the down and dirty on Seuss’s life, though there’s not much down and even less dirty.

Artsy Smartsy

Why buy another picture of a waterfall or cat when you can get some art a la Seuss. He’s got a ton of great stuff like waterfalls and…cats… Though very different waterfalls and cats.

National Treasure

Dr. Seuss has a national monument, putting him on par with the likes of generals, presidents, and Jebediah Springfield.

Historical Documents

Who? What? Where?

Answer all those questions and more with Dartmouth College’s Who’s Who and What’s What in the Books of Dr. Seuss. Oddly enough, the book doesn’t answer the how.

We’re Not the Only Ones

In case you think we’re the only ones sick enough to critically analyze Hop on Pop, just know we’re not alone. Whether you agree with his or our analysis is ultimately up to you though.


By Example

A six-year-old girl has a go at reading Hop on Pop. Good on you, kiddo!

The End Result

Watch a girl named Tash read Hop on Pop, proving the theory that if you learn to read you’ll learn to love reading.

The Man Himself

Dr. Seuss: Rhymes and Reasons presents the life and works of Dr. Seuss in just over an hour. Easily the best thing resulting from that live-action Cat in the Hat movie. Watch Part 1, and then click through to catch the rest.

Virtual Savings

Take a virtual tour of Seuss Landing at Universal Studios and save yourself the price of a ticket to Orlando. Of course, you’ll miss out on Orlando, but them's the breaks.

Wisdom + Words

Here's a collection of awesome Dr. Seuss quotes because you can never have too many words of wisdom.


Collegiate Apparel

Hop on Pop was read aloud at OSU, proving you’re never too old to return to the basics.


The audiobook of Hop on Pop available at the Audiobook Store. How convenient.


Cover. Lover.

A title for the Seuss lover. Wow, that was bad. Anyway, here’s the cover to Hop on Pop.

A Man, A Plan, A Book

Too bad Dr. Seuss didn’t dig the Panama Canal or that might have worked. Here’s the man with the book all the same.

Wordy Goodness

The inside cover samples a few of the awesome words you’ll learn inside.

Unsolved Mysteries

Just what happened to this poor dad to make his frown droop so far down? And will someone please make this man a stiff drink?

Extra Little Something

The Chinese edition of the book not only teaches toddlers their own language but English as well. Put that on our bilingual wish list.

Hop on Hutt

You knew it existed. Deep down, you know you wanted it. So, here’s Hop on Hutt, the all-but-required Star Wars spoof of Hop on Pop.


Pop is hopped in the third-dimension thanks to this excellently crafted Hallmark ornament.

Onesie Funnsie

This onesie teaches children some gut-wrenchingly bad habits. But it looks super cute.

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