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Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop


by Dr. Seuss

Hop on Pop Stanzas 1-10 Summary

Stanzas 1-3

  • A pup is up, and then it plays with a giant cup.

Stanzas 4-5

  • We meet a mouse on a house.
  • Then the house is on the mouse.
  • We believe it to be a member of the genus mighteous mouseous.

Stanzas 6-7

  • On the left, we have the tall guys; on the right, the small guys.
  • The game of half-court to follow will be notoriously one-sided.

Stanzas 8-10

  • A group of guys in onesies play ball on a wall.
  • Then they fall off the wall.
  • It’s an “I told you so” moment if ever there was one.

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