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Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop


by Dr. Seuss

Hop on Pop Stanzas 11-18 Summary

Stanzas 11-18

  • Two bears—well, bearish creatures—play with rackets all day and fight with the same rackets all night.
  • Ouch.

Stanzas 13-14

  • A liger is after some guy, but Jim is after the liger.
  • Actually, the way Jim has those chompers set into the liger’s tail suggests that Jim’s got him.

Stanzas 15-16

  • A duo sees a bee.
  • Watch out, fellas!
  • Three bees incoming.

Stanzas 17-18

  • The same duo spots three fish in a tree and ponders how that’s possible.
  • Hurricane-grade winds? A new species of tree-dwelling fish? Are they sunbathing?

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