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Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop


by Dr. Seuss

Hop on Pop Stanzas 33-47 Summary

Stanzas 33-36

  • We meet some children. Hello, children!
  • These kids like to walk, they like to talk, and they like to hop on their pop.
  • Pop’s not a big fan of the gut-hopping abdominal workout.

Stanzas 37-38

  • Mr. Brown and Mrs. Brown both wear a lot of brown, and Mr. Brown can stand upside-down.

Stanzas 39-43

  • Pup and Mr. Brown play up-and-down on a seesaw—not the manufacture’s intended use, mind you.
  • Pup launches Mr. Brown out of town like a human cannonball.

Stanzas 44-47

  • Thanks to Looney Toon logic, Mr. Brown survives this bone-shattering introduction to gravity.
  • He returns with a new chum, Mr. Black, in tow.
  • Together with pup, they munch a much deserved snack.

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