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Hop on Pop

Hop on Pop


by Dr. Seuss

Hop on Pop Stanzas 48-54 Summary

Stanzas 48

  • A guy jumps and bumps his butt. It’s a jump-butt-bump.

Stanzas 49

  • A cheetah-type cat runs past a guy fast.

Stanzas 50

  • A bear goes into a guy’s tent, and the guy sends the bear out with a solid finger-scold.
  • Who’s the baddest dude in the wilderness now, Davy Crockett?

Stanzas 51-52

  • Two dogs fall from their washtub and get wet.
  • Then they yelp for help.

Stanzas 53-54

  • A guy named Will went up a hill.
  • A steep, steep hill.
  • Welcome to the hill, Will.
  • You’ll be here a while.

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