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Horton Hatches the Egg

Horton Hatches the Egg


by Dr. Seuss

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Horton Hatches the Egg Ethics and Morality Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Line)

Quote #4

He held his head high
And he threw out his chest
And he looked at the hunters
As much as to say
"Shoot if you must but I won't run away!" (107-111)

Aw, our hero. Ready to take a bullet for his little egg.

Quote #5

"Let's take him alive. Why he's terribly funny!
We'll sell him back home to a circus, for money! (125-126)

If you've been to the circus or even the zoo with your little tykes, you might have some splainin' to do at this point. Good luck with that one.

Quote #6

"It's MY egg!" she sputtered. "You stole it from me!
Get off of my nest and get out of my tree! (193)

Now Mayzie proves herself to be a fibber and a yeller on top of an egg-abandoner. Maybe she wouldn't have been the greatest parent, after all.

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