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Horton Hatches the Egg

Horton Hatches the Egg


by Dr. Seuss

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Horton Hatches the Egg Theme of Freedom and Confinement

Horton Hatches the Egg shows us opposite ends of the spectrum here. For Mayzie, freedom means being able to go wherever she wants (Palm Beach) whenever she wants (now)—which is impossible when she's stuck with her egg. This lady bird sacrifices her maternal rights and the opportunity to know her child to gain her personal brand of freedom. Horton, on the other hand, sacrifices his freedom to do what he thinks is right. And in the end, it pays off: he gets the love and companionship of the cutest creature on the planet.

Questions and Answers

Questions the little ones might ask and how you might respond

Q: Why doesn't Horton run away from the circus?
A: If he ran away, he wouldn't be able to protect his egg anymore. He's just a loyal dude.

Q: Why do the hunters put Horton in a cage?
A: He's a two-thousand pound elephant. They're probably worried about getting trampled!

Q: Is the egg trapped underneath Horton?
A: Nah, it's just napping.

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