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Case File: Crocodile vs. Horus the Elder

Police Reports

Case Description: Complainant, a huge crocodile who was one of Apophis's minions, accuses Horus the Elder (defendant) of assault and battery. Complainant was stirring up trouble in the Nile near Horus the Elder's town of Edfu. After numerous requests for help from the Nile god Hapy, Horus the Elder went out onto the river in a boat, with a net and a large spear. Crocodile sued for damages related to pain, suffering, and losing a few teeth in the net, when Horus's friends hauled him up on deck.

Case Status: Horus the Elder agreed to pay the crocodile's dental bills, but countersued, claiming the crocodile had come to Edfu to cause trouble. Court granted Horus the Elder a restraining order, so the crocodile can't come back.

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