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Horus the Younger

Horus the Younger

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Horus the Younger Photos

The Kingmaker
When Seti I came to visit, and I gave him the crook and flail of his kingship. I give the best gifts! [Abydos, Seti I temple (ca. 1250BCE). Photo by Charlesdrakew, 2008]

After the Eye Doctor
Now that we fixed what Seth did to it, my Eye looks a whole lot better. [Modern rendering based on hieroglyphic original, 2007, by Jeff Dahl]

The Original Avenger
This is right after I got even with Seth for killing my dad. Some people think that images like this are where the image of Saint George killing the dragon comes from. [Egyptian statue, 1st century CE, currently in the Louvre, Paris. Photo by Jastrow, 2005.]

Father's Day, 1292 BCE
Waking my dad up on Father's Day. I got him some shiny new robes. [Line drawing of an image on the walls of Dendera Temple (ca. 30 BCE), from an 1873 report by Auguste Mariette and reproduced in E. A. Wallis Budge, The Gods of the Egyptians, 1904]

Ani's Big Day
After Anubis judged Ani's heart as worthy, he could enter the afterlife. So, I walked him through the hall and introduced him to my dad, Osiris. He looks really happy, doesn't he? You would be, too, if you knew you weren't going to get served to Ammit for lunch. [Papyrus of Ani, New Kingdom/19th Dynasty (ca. 1250 BCE), now in the British Museum. Photograph 2007.]

Being a Bird
You can tell me apart from my uncle, Horus the Elder, when we're in bird form because I keep my crown on. Also, I always wear the double crown (white and red), and sometimes my uncle just wears the white one. [Statue at Edfu Temple, Late Period (ca. 200 BCE). Photograph 2008, IJA.]

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