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Horus the Younger's Wall


How's school?

Awful. The bigger kids are picking on me.

Can't take it, baby?

Shut up.

You're not helping.

The kid's my nephew, he ought to suck it up and put his big god pants on.


likes this.

For once, I agree with you, brother.

likes this.


pokes Horus the Younger.

Ow, my eye!

I can fix that.

likes this.

likes this.

posted a photo. Scribbles from art class: My dumb uncle Seth.

likes this.

Wait, you like it?

Yeah. It's not bad.

I'll have to make you look more stupid next time.

posted a document: Why I should be King

likes this.

likes this.

likes this.

likes this.

Listen, nobody's going to give you the crown for an essay. Get down here to the riverbank and let's fight it out. Last god standing gets to be King.

Easy for you to say. You've got thousands of years of experience.

And you cheat.


likes this.

Do not!

And you bicker and argue.

Do not!

And you throw temper tantrums.


That's it, run to Mama. She's my sister too, you know. She doesn't hate me as much as you think.

Give the throne to my son and stop teasing him. I mean it.

Or what? What are you going to do about it, dead guy?

If I were alive, I'd…

You'd what? Let me kill you again? LOL!


That's it. It's been 70 years, and I'm awarding the throne to Horus. Horus, you're going to have to prove you deserve it, so get to work. Seth, you can have Astarte and Anat as wives. Go back to the desert. And ALL of you shut up. I have a headache.

likes this.

likes this.

Yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am.

set his occupation to King of Egypt.

Yes, ma'am.

is now friends with Astarte and Anat.

set his relationship status to It's Complicated.

set her relationship status to It's Complicated.


Finally, some peace around here. Seth, I need help with Apophis. Can you come up to my boat?

Sure thing, boss.

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