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The Host

The Host


by Stephenie Meyer

The Host Chapter 14 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • It's Jared, not Ian Somerhalder, whom Wanderer recognizes. Oh, he'll do.
  • Wanderer reaches for Jared, but he slaps her with the back of his hand.
  • Melanie doesn't seem to care that they've just been slapped, because she's too busy chanting "Jared's here, Jared's alive, Jared's here." (14.11)
  • Even Wanderer is experiencing heart palpitations. We guess a good beating makes the heart grow fonder.
  • In the crowd, Wanderer spots Sharon, Melanie's cousin. Yay! Sharon's alive!
  • A tall, thin man pushes his way out of the crowd and approaches Wanderer. It turns out he's Doc. Nope, not one of the seven dwarfs, although at this point we'd be okay with calling Jared Grumpy.
  • He asks Kyle and his brother, Ian, to carry Wanderer to away, but Jared stops them.
  • There's a lot of family love in this book.
  • It seems that Jared is reluctant to let Doc have Wanderer, since whatever Doc is planning will probably result in her death.
  • The humans bicker some more, and Wanderer, still woozy from Jared's slap, feels faint.
  • Just before she passes out, she asks Jared if Jamie is okay. He is! Yay!

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