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The Host

The Host


by Stephenie Meyer

The Host Chapter 16 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Caught in the fracas with Jared, Ian, Kyle, and Brandt (who we've never seen before), Wanderer gets punched in the shoulder and yanked around a bit. All that protecting Jared she wanted to do? Doesn't really happen.
  • Before things get too rough, Jeb shows up and breaks up the fight.
  • He says that Jared gets to decide whether Wanderer lives or dies. "Whoever the body belongs to makes the call" (16.51).
  • (Wait, what? Why does this woman's body belong to Jared?)
  • Jared can't make up his mind right away, so Jeb decides to stand guard outside Wanderer's cell while she sleeps.
  • She wakes up to the smell of food on a plastic tray. Jeb has served her breakfast before he takes her on a tour of the caves.
  • As they navigate the caverns, a lot of humans, including Sharon and Aunt Maggie, give Wanderer the hairy eyeball.
  • The tour winds up as Jeb tells Wanderer that he accidentally stumbled into this cave in the seventies, and he's kept it a secret ever since, just in case. The moral of this story: crazy conspiracy theories pay off.

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