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The Host

The Host


by Stephenie Meyer

The Host Chapter 23 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • The mysterious shadow isn't Alec Baldwin, it's just Jamie again.
  • He tells Wanda that she's been sleeping in Jared's room. Scandalous!
  • As they settle in to bed, Jamie asks Wanda is Melanie if still alive in there.
  • She is, and she loves him. Jamie's gotten quite fond of Wanda, too. He tells her that he and Jeb are two of her friends now.
  • Because of this, Melanie tells Wanda "I don't hate you at all. Not anymore" (23.96), and they have a little virtual hugfest that, if it were real, would look something like this. You know, because Melanie's all in her head.
  • In the morning, it's time for chores. Jeb takes Wanda to help him with farming. It's GlowerFest 2: The Glowering. Wanda gets glowered (say that five times fast) at by Aunt Maggie and a whole host of people who are farming in the garden room.
  • Ian doesn't glower, though. He joins them and helps out. Wanda does a little glowering of her own at Ian's bare, muscular back, glistening with sweat, as he hoes a few rows. Mmmph!
  • Oh, where were we? That's right. Gardening. Nice, clean gardening. No innuendos here.
  • After the field is plowed, they decide to call it a day. Ian makes a show out of saying, "See you tomorrow" to Wanda (23.186). Looks like she might have more than two friends after all.

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