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The Host

The Host


by Stephenie Meyer

The Host Chapter 26 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Impressed with Wanda's storytelling skills, Jeb convinces her to start giving "classes" and telling her stories to anyone who'll attend. Once again, she tells some pretty cool stories that you should check out.
  • Unfortunately, they're interrupted when the scouting party, including Jared, returns to the caves.
  • They are beyond not happy at seeing Wanda socializing with everyone like a human rather than imprisoned like an animal.
  • Kyle is so suspicious, in fact, that he shines a light on Ian to make sure he's not an alien, too.
  • With Jared back in the picture, and still filled with hatred toward Wanda, there's another long fight about whether or not they should just kill her.
  • Wanda flees the area, looking for a safer place to hide.

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