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The Host

The Host


by Stephenie Meyer

The Host Chapter 3 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Wanderer asks if she was put inside a defective host in order to gain information.
  • She's told that her host wasn't damaged, but she was part of the human resistance (chapter title alert!). So, information might be a little harder to gather than usual.
  • As Wanderer's vision becomes clearer, and she starts taking in all the colors in the room, the Healer tells her a story.
  • Once upon a time, a soul called Racing Song was taken over by its host body.
  • It started when Racing Song took on the body's host name, Kevin. It ended when the host tried to cut the soul from its body.
  • Kevin was rescued and put into a new host: "Kevin is […] perfectly normal … aside from the fact that he kept the name Kevin" (3.73). (Sorry, all you Kevins out there.)
  • Wanderer has been put into this body, instead of the body of a child, to gather information the Seeker really wants.
  • When she asks why the Seeker wasn't put into the body instead, she responds, "I'm no skipper" (3.80).
  • She must prefer to be Gilligan. Or Mr. Howell.
  • Wanderer gives in, telling the Seeker all she knows so far: her name is Melanie Stryder, she was looking for her cousin Sharon in Chicago, and there's a mysterious pattern or map she hasn't figured out yet.
  • Suddenly, a question bursts out of her: "Did they find Sharon?" (3.95). But Wanderer didn't ask this, Melanie did.
  • Melanie is relieved that Sharon is still safe. She's also relieve that they didn't find him.
  • When asked who "him" is, Wanderer says, "Jared is safe" (3.115).
  • Maybe the face Wanderer saw back in Chapter 1 was this one.

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