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The Host

The Host


by Stephenie Meyer

The Host Chapter 35 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Wanda wakes up next to Ian in his cave room. Kyle's not there; he's being held in Doc's chambers until a tribunal that will decide his fate.
  • Ian feeds Wanda a dinner roll and... wait for it... Cheetos! Wanda inhales those things like she's Snuffleupagus.
  • Melanie tries to tell Wanda that Ian is crushing on her hard, but Wanda's a little naïve about human courtship rituals. Open your eyes! Cheetos are the equivalent of an engagement ring, girl!
  • Once she's done licking the cheetle from her fingers, Wanda has to attend Kyle's tribunal.
  • The cave dwellers are divided. Some think Kyle is an attempted murderer, other think it's only murder if he had tried to kill a human, which they believe Wanda most definitely is not.
  • They have a vote. The majority vote in Kyle's favor.
  • However, Jeb makes an ultimatum: "Anyone who tries to hurt Wanda again will not get a tribunal, they will get a burial" (35.143). (But Jeb will get all the comma splices.)
  • Just to be safe, always let this old guy win at shuffleboard, okay?

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