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The Host
The Host
by Stephenie Meyer

The Host Chapter 44 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Not only does Jared whack Wanda's face with a rock, she stabs herself in the thigh to best mimic Jamie's injuries and figure out how to heal them.
  • She limps into the Healing facility, where two trusting souls administer medical treatment while Wanda lies about it being a hiking accident.
  • Watching carefully, Wanda learns how to use the alien medicine: Clean, Heal, Seal, and Smooth. Easier to spell than acetaminophen, and it actually works. Wanda is healed instantly.
  • When Healers leave to get Wanda some water, she fills her knapsack with stolen medical supplies, grabbing some No Pain and Cool, for fevers.
  • Then she sits, paranoid that they're going to come back with the Seeker and she'll be exposed. Tension mounts as she listens to footsteps approach. Click, click, click.
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