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The Host

The Host


by Stephenie Meyer

The Host Chapter 53 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • The Seeker's human host has regained consciousness. Her name is Lacey, and she's every bit as annoying as the Seeker. She's obnoxious and complains about everything. At least she doesn't have a gun.
  • Anyway, now that Kyle knows that humans can be restored, he leaves the caves to search for his girlfriend, Jodi.
  • Wanda and pals drive out to the facility where cryotanks are blasted off to different planets. They secretly load her on a rocketship to the Flower planet, which is over a century away.
  • After that, they go to grab some Healers. They figure that if they can remove the soul and awaken the human inside, they'll retain some of the Healer's memories and help them make better use of their medicines.
  • They manage to body snatch a couple of body snatchers and take them back to the caves.
  • Wanda shows Doc how to remove a soul, and he successful performs the operation on the female Healer.
  • The male Healer wakes up and sees what's going on. Rather than be removed, he kills his host from the inside, committing suicide.
  • Yikes. What a way to go.

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