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The Host

The Host


by Stephenie Meyer

The Host Chapter 57 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Before the tribunal, Wanda finds out that they've already completed Sunny's removal procedure. She's cryotanked and ready to rocket, but Jodi hasn't recovered her memories yet. At the tribunal, they want to know what Melanie thinks. Wanda lies and says she wants her body back.
  • "Liar! […] I can see you arguing with her" (57.35), Ian says.
  • We imagine watching Wanda/Melanie argue with herself looks something like this.
  • After lots of debate, they decide to sleep on it. Wow, these tribunals sure are efficient...
  • Wanda goes to visit Jodi and the former Healer's body, who they're now calling Mandy. Okay, we have Mandy, Trudy, Jodi, Lily, Lacey... who's next? Bambi and Candi?
  • Kyle's still trying to help Jodi recover, but he isn't making progress. He does make progress at not being a jerk, however, and actually apologizes to Wanda. We never thought that would happen.
  • That night, Ian and Wanda tell each other that they love one another, forever and ever and always. It's so touching, we need multiple two-ply tissues.
  • Ian falls asleep and Wanda sneaks out to find Doc and have herself removed from Melanie's body. Before she gets there, though, someone intercepts her in a dark tunnel. Yipes!

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