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The Host
The Host
by Stephenie Meyer

The Host Chapter 9 Summary

How It All Goes Down


  • Wanderer tries to cook up a plan to protect Melanie (and Jared and Jamie by extension), but she's not sure if this is because of what Melanie wants or because she doesn't want to be known as a skipper.
  • (Apparently a soul who "skips" in and out of bodies. You know, the alien equivalent of a serial monogamist.)
  • She'd rather be Ginger. Or Mary Ann. We can totally see her as Mary Ann.
  • As she's driving through the Arizona desert, she sees a familiar sight: Picacho Peak, which holds some sort of significance in Melanie's mind.
  • Melanie opens up a few more memories to Wanderer. She shows them a cabin where Jared and Jamie hid; and she tells them that they might have tried to make it to Uncle Jeb's hideout, wherever that is.
  • Wanderer decides to head for the Peak.
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