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The Host
The Host
by Stephenie Meyer

The Host Theme of Family

Families are made up of all sorts of people, and they don't have to be related to you by blood. Just look at Full House. There's a dad, some wacky uncles, two daughters, the Olsen twins, and Kimmy. (They might not like to admit it, but Gibbler's family.) But what if an alien took up residence in Mary-Kate's head? Would she still be considered family? We may have missed that very special episode of Full House, but thankfully Stephenie Meyer has stepped in to help us with this conundrum. Even Danny Tanner doesn't have a heartfelt speech and corny joke for an issue like this one.

Questions About Family

  1. Why does Jamie accept Wanda as part of his family? Is it because she's inhabiting his sister's body, or is it for other reasons?
  2. In the park, Wanda and co. observe a family made up of alien parents and a human child. Do you agree with Wanda that this family represents the family of the future, or do you believe the child should be rescued from its new parents?
  3. Why does Jeb protect Wanda/Melanie? Would he protect Wanderer if she wasn't in the body of one of his family members?
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