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The Host

The Host


by Stephenie Meyer

Foreignness and The Other Quotes in The Host

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

"The humans kill us happily whenever they have the ability to do so." (2.43)

The Seekers attitudes show that fear of the Other doesn't just apply to the humans. The aliens are just as scared of the humans as the humans are of them. Fortunately (or unfortunately), they're a little more effective at capturing and killing us.

Quote #2

This mind used more of my faculties than any host before, leaving me only one hundred eighty-one spare attachments. (3.26)

Right off the bat, Wanda realizes that humans are going to be a little different than the other species she has encountered. This line also shows how foreign Wanda is to us. How many attachments does this weird alien thing have, and, uh, where is she going to attach the rest of them?

Quote #3

The monsters who look like a nice couple in their early fifties. (4.8)

We can only imagine the paranoia that gripped the world when the aliens first started populating. Their existence turned neighbors into "others," fracturing the community and turning everyone against each other. Nice old Mrs. Sweetoldladyface down the street might not be inviting you over tea; she might be inviting you over to kill you and implant her spawn in your brain. Yikes.

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