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The Host

The Host


Stephenie Meyer

 Table of Contents

The Host Theme of Love

We've heard that love knows no bounds, and The Host definitely tests this theory. How much does love depend on people's bodies? Their minds? Their souls? Their species? As a human, Wanda discovers the sheer power of love, both its highs and its lows. And Ian, who has always been human, learns that the can love someone who isn't exactly a member of his own species. Perhaps love really does make the worlds go round.

Questions About Love

  • Why does Melanie love Jared? Why does Jared love Melanie? Would Melanie and Jared have fallen in love if they had other options?
  • Does Wanda love Jamie as a brother because Melanie does or because of her own free will?
  • Would Ian love Wanda if she were in a different body? What about a male body?
  • Why does Wanda fall in love with Ian?

Chew on This

Try on an opinion or two, start a debate, or play the devil’s advocate.

Both Wanda and Melanie are in love with Melanie's ideal version of Jared. None of his cruelties can change their mind.

Because of the nature of her species, Wanda loves everyone. As a human, she learns to not love people.

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