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The Host
The Host
by Stephenie Meyer

Memory and the Past Quotes in The Host Page 2

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Quote #4

"Remembering [Jared] the way [Melanie] does... that's a powerful thing." (36.74)

Wanda loves Jared only because Melanie does. If Melanie hadn't chosen to reveal her memories of Jared to Wanda, Wanda probably wouldn't love him. (Especially not after he punches her in the face.)

Quote #5

"Let's finish this, Wanderer. Lives in the Stars. Rides the Beast." (51.161)

Wanderer's past lives have left her with a variety of experiences, and a variety of names. She's able to use the experiences she's had on other planets for the benefit of the human race. (We'd like to hear about the Rides the Beast experience.)

Quote #6

"The... person who used to be in your body was afraid of humans. She was a soul, remember that? And then remember before that, before she was there? You were human then, and you are again." (54.75)

When Wanda tries to explain to a newly awoken human what's going on, she's taking on the role of Comforter to a human. And notice that the key thing here is to help the human remember.

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