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The Host
The Host
by Stephenie Meyer

Prejudice Quotes in The Host Page 3

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Quote #7

"What are we going to do with it? We can't keep watch on it around the clock." (16.65)

Jared dehumanizes Wanderer by calling her "it." To be fair, she's not actually a human. Not yet, anyway.

Quote #8

"She's not an animal, either, kid. And you wouldn't treat a dog this way." (18.38)

We're not sure if this argument would work on Kyle. If Jodi were eaten by rabid dogs, Kyle would probably kick every dog that he saw. Even the little cute ones.

Quote #9

"Nobody minds it when you wash their clothes or bake their bread." (28.58)

This isn't sound logic on Jamie's part. A lot of people didn't mind having slaves wash their clothes and bake their bread. That doesn't mean that they actually liked the slaves, or thought they deserved equality.

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