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The Host
The Host
by Stephenie Meyer

Prejudice Quotes in The Host Page 1

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Quote #1

Humans were brutish and ungovernable. They had killed one another so frequently that murder had been an accepted part of life. (5.96)

The souls fall into the common trap of taking the actions of few and blaming an entire species for it. Not all humans are murderers. At least—not directly.

Quote #2

"Not anymore she's not," Kyle said flatly. He spit again and took another deliberate step in my direction. (13.52)

Kyle takes the actions of few (okay, well, most) and applies it to an entire species. Hmm, we're beginning to see parallels between the two species here...

Quote #3

"You won't fool us, you parasite." (13.66)

Aunt Maggie uses an epithet to describe Wanda's species. Note that Wanda's species never calls humans "meatbags" or any other cruel name. (Well, besides "murderers.") It's only the other way around. Are the humans justified in calling the aliens names?

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