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The Host

The Host


by Stephenie Meyer

Wanderer/Wanda Timeline & Summary

  • Wanda wakes up in Melanie's body. She's alarmed to discover that Melanie's consciousness still exists and spends a long time trying to show her who's boss.
  • When Melanie gets to be too much to handle, Wanda decides to talk to her Healer in Chicago about it.
  • On the way to Chicago, Melanie shows Wanda more and more memories. These memories are so strong that they make Wanda want to seek out Melanie's brother, Jamie, and her boyfriend, Jared.
  • They almost die searching in the desert, but Melanie's Uncle Jeb discovers them and takes them in. As a prisoner. At least he doesn't kill them!
  • Over the next few months, Wanda/Melanie deal with the scorn of the other human survivors. It slowly transitions into acceptance.
  • Meanwhile, they're dealing with an increasingly complicated love trapezoid with Jared and Ian, another human survivor.
  • When Jamie is wounded, Wanda and Jared travel into the city so that Wanda can trick the souls and steal their awesome alien medication. This heroic act endears her to the humans.
  • After returning from a later supply run, Wanda discovers that the Seeker has been captured.
  • Wanda has a choice: let the Seeker be killed, or teach Doc how to safely remove a soul from a human body. She takes curtain number two. (Duh.)
  • Later, Wanda convinces Doc to remove her from Melanie's body so that Melanie can live—sacrificing herself.
  • Doc performs the procedure and, in a surprise twist, puts Wanda into a new body.
  • On a supply run, Wanda and the others run into another group of human survivors. One of them is not like the others: Burns is an alien too, just like Wanda. Imagine that.