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The Hour of the Star

The Hour of the Star


by Clarice Lispector

The Hour of the Star Chapter 6 Summary

  • Now it's time for a reflection on death and a kind of eulogy for Macabéa.
  • The narrator says that Macabéa is dead, and that's the only truth left.
  • So that question, "What is Macabéa?" The answer is, "She is not" (6.449).
  • That she is dead seems to be the only truth left. Our narrator asks, "What is she?" The reply is "she is not" (6.449).
  • Rodrigo S.M. says that the greatest guilt is his.
  • He tries to laugh, but he can't.
  • Oh no! Actually, Rodrigo S.M. says that Macabéa has murdered him. He has died along with her: "Forgive my dying. It was unavoidable" (6.453).
  • Uh-huh. This is getting a little weird.
  • And now for the eulogy: "Macabéa is dead. The bells were ringing without making any sound. I now understand this story. She is the imminence in those bells, pealing so softly. The greatness of every human being" (6.455-456).

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