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The Hour of the Star
The Hour of the Star
by Clarice Lispector
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Character Role Analysis

Macabéa and Glória

Glória is "the embodiment of vigorous existence" (4.289), while Macabéa, as we know, is meager, feeble, deprived, and uncertain. Where Macabéa accepts life as it happens to her, Glória makes things happen for her. Where Macabéa never thinks of herself, Glória is very conscious of herself. Where Macabéa has a "withered" body, Glória's body is fleshy and buxom and "made for bearing children" (4.279). Where Macabéa is hungry, Glória is well fed. Where Macabéa is uncertain or confused, Glória is brimming with confidence.

Yeah, we think you get the idea.

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