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The Hour of the Star

The Hour of the Star


by Clarice Lispector

Macabéa Timeline and Summary

  • Macabéa is born with rickets in the backwoods of Alagoas, Brazil. This is off to a good start.
  • And then her parents die of typhoid when she is two years old. Like we said ….
  • Macabéa has to go and live with her Wicked Aunt of the West, who tortures and abuses her for years.
  • When her aunt finally dies, Macabéa moves to Rio de Janeiro, works as a typist, and lives with four other girls in a bedsitter on Acre Street.
  • But life doesn't get better. Actually, it gets harder. Awesome! Macabéa suffers from poverty and hunger and illness.
  • Okay, so now Macabéa meets Olímpico, her first and only boyfriend. Could things be looking up?
  • Nah. Olímpico is a real jerk and mistreats Macabéa until he dumps her for hottie coworker Glória.
  • Naturally, Macabéa takes Glória's advice and visits a fortuneteller to learn about her future.
  • Madame Carlota tells Macabéa that her life is about to take a 180, and Macabéa walks out full of hope.
  • Okay, so this time things are looking up. Right?
  • Wrong. Macabéa walks out of the fortuneteller's home, steps into the street, and a huge yellow Mercedes runs her over.
  • She lies in a gutter on the side of the road.
  • It starts to rain.
  • People gather around her but do nothing to help her.
  • She dies.