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The Hour of the Star
The Hour of the Star
by Clarice Lispector
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The Hour of the Star Suffering Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

Poor little Macabéa, what a terrible life you have! May my friend Jesus have pity on you, my child! How awful! (5.394)

Okay, the only good thing about Madame Carlota being a total meanie and telling Macabéa that her life stinks is that now Macabéa has hope. After all, you can't have hope for the future unless you know that something is wrong with your present.

Quote #8

Was she suffering? I believe she was. Like a hen with its neck half-severed, running about in a panic and dripping blood. Except that the hen escapes—as one flees from pain—clucking in desperation. Macabéa struggled in silence. (5.424)

Just like always, Macabéa struggles in silence. Luckily, she has the narrator to speak for her.

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