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The House of Dies Drear

The House of Dies Drear


by Virginia Hamilton

The House of Dies Drear Chapter 13 Summary

  • Thomas and Mr. Small walk toward Mr. Pluto's house, taking the same journey Thomas took before. He pretends they are Tuscarora Indians, and that Mr. Small is the chief.
  • As they move, he worries that they might be ambushed.
  • It's dark and scary, and once Thomas falls down.
  • They come upon Mr. Pluto's cave, all lit by torches.
  • Mr. Pluto is walking back and forth, and Thomas is pretty sure he doesn't see them.
  • Something about Pluto doesn't seem quite right to Thomas.
  • Mr. Small calls out to Pluto and then Mr. Pluto disappears!
  • Amazed, Thomas points out that Mr. Pluto did not look sick at all like he did in church.
  • He looked strong, and he was even smoking a cigarette.
  • Mr. Small opens the door to the cave, and he and Thomas enter.
  • They find themselves in a tunnel.
  • The cave has a rough ceiling, but other than that, the cave looks like a fairly normal room.
  • Still, Thomas had never seen a room inside a cave.
  • It seems that Mr. Pluto has disappeared, but Thomas is sure he's just hiding.
  • He looks carefully around the room until he sees a rope hanging from the ceiling.
  • Mr. Small sees it at the same time.
  • He pulls it and the wall slides open, revealing something amazing (which you have to go to the next chapter to read about).

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