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The House of Dies Drear

The House of Dies Drear


by Virginia Hamilton

The House of Dies Drear Chapter 19 Summary

  • Now they are back in Mr. Pluto's cave, and Mr. Pluto is sitting at his desk, looking happy.
  • Thomas and his dad are back in their regular clothes, and they've taken off the makeup. They are really tired.
  • When Pesty comes in, after putting the horse to bed, Mr. Pluto congratulates her on her wonderful performance.
  • Mayhew apologizes to Mr. Pluto for wanting to put him in the hospital. He feels warm toward his dad for the first time in a long time.
  • Thomas tells Mr. Pluto that he scared him, and Mr. Pluto just laughs, saying he was really having fun.
  • Mayhew feels bad for Thomas because he got scared, and Thomas starts to apologize for being a bad actor.
  • Mr. Small assures him he was fine, and this makes Thomas mad. He starts beating himself up for being a coward.
  • He says he'll go home and check on his mother.
  • Mayhew says he wants to go with Thomas.
  • Mr. Small will stay behind and talk to Mr. Pluto, then come home with Pesty, who is already sleeping.
  • Of course, Thomas wants to walk home alone; he thinks Mayhew is trying to take care of him.
  • Mayhew says he just wants to talk to Thomas and be friends with him.
  • As they walk, Thomas tells him about his wood sculptures…
  • Back in the cave, Mr. Small is lying on the floor next to Mr. Pluto's desk, on the verge of falling asleep.
  • Mr. Pluto says that he and Mayhew are going to let Mr. Small decide whether or not to tell the foundation about the treasure.
  • They trust him to "do the right thing" (19.33).
  • Mr. Small asks if Dies Drear left a list of all the things in the cavern.
  • If so, Mr. Pluto has never seen one.
  • Mr. Small says that proves Dies Drear didn't want the stuff to be sold.
  • He proposes that he make such a list, a catalogue of all the items in the cave.
  • Mr. Pluto says that would take Mr. Small the rest of Mr. Pluto's life.
  • In this way, they reach a compromise. Mr. Small won't tell the foundation about the treasure until he's finished cataloguing it. So, Mr. Pluto will be able to live out the rest of his life as usual.
  • At Pluto's request, Mr. Small picks up Pesty to put her to bed at his house. He promises to be back in the morning to start the cataloguing.
  • While they are having that conversation, Thomas and Mayhew are talking about acting as they walk back to the Small's house.
  • Mayhew tells Thomas that he'll be here for another month, and he offers to give Thomas a month's worth of acting lessons.
  • Thomas isn't convinced he has any acting talent, but he does want to learn how Mayhew can seem to disappear out of doorways.
  • Maybe, Mayhew says, he can teach him that.
  • Then he tells Thomas that he's glad they scared the Darrows tonight. He thinks it taught the Darrows that Mr. Small is not somebody to be fooled with.
  • That way, they can't bother him like they did Mayhew's father.
  • Plus, Mayhew feels more connected to his father now.
  • Thomas understands that Mayhew never really liked Mr. Pluto.
  • Mayhew says Thomas is right. He can tell Thomas does like his father, Mr. Small.
  • Yes, Thomas does like his father, he tells Mayhew, even though it gets on his nerves that Mr. Small always figures everything out before anybody else.
  • Still, Thomas admires his father's intelligence.
  • Now Thomas asks Mayhew if he can be friends with Mac Darrow.
  • Unfortunately, Mayhew doesn't think the Darrows will let Pesty or Mac hang out at the Small place for a while.
  • They'll be ashamed and angry about what happened and need some time to get over it.
  • He suggests Thomas wait until winter; when it snows, he'll find Mac outside hunting rabbits.
  • When Mayhew talks about the beauty of the winter, Thomas realizes he loves this place, and asks Mayhew why he left.
  • Well, Mayhew isn't prepared to answer that question.
  • Back in the house, Thomas finds his mom sleeping on the couch.
  • Without waking her, he goes up to his room and crashes out.
  • In the morning, after a quick breakfast and a quick word to his mom and brothers, Thomas heads over to Mr. Pluto's cave.
  • Mr. Pluto is welding a humongous lock for the door of his cavern.
  • Mr. Small is already there, completely absorbed in cataloguing the treasures.
  • Pesty is there too.
  • She and Thomas are looking at the huge chest hanging from the ceiling.
  • It looks really full, and Thomas is curious.
  • But, he decides that he can just let that be a mystery for now.
  • He and Pesty wait patiently to see if Mr. Small will need their help.
  • And that's how the story ends.

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