The House of Dies Drear
The House of Dies Drear
by Virginia Hamilton
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The House of Dies Drear Exploration Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

That was a good dream. Good and scary, he thought. (1.12)

Thomas's approach to his dreams alerts us to his spirit of adventure. He wants to explore dangerous and challenging aspects of life, even in his dreams.

Quote #2

The front steps were poised about a foot off the ground and wide to the left of their proper place. Where the steps should have been was a black and jagged hole about three feet around. (3.110)

What true explorer could resist that? Of course, he goes in there. He also gets lost and scared. Oh well, that's part of the job, we suppose.

Quote #3

"I think you children just better get off my father's land," […] "Part of the Underground Railroad must be under these steps. I've got work to do." (4.32)

Thomas is awkward around people his own age and puts on adult airs. This of course makes Pesty and Mac giggle like mad. Luckily, they are forgiving sorts and seem to like Thomas a lot. Maybe they appreciate his explorer's spirit.

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