The House of Dies Drear
The House of Dies Drear
by Virginia Hamilton
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The House of Dies Drear Religion Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

He recalled the day was Sunday and jumped up to get dressed. (9.5)

Thomas is really excited about going to church. It's one of his favorite things to do, even though he sometimes falls asleep during the sermons.

Quote #2

"I can yield to its separateness when I realize that without it segregated there would be no story of the Underground Railroad. There could be no sure refuge for the exhausted, runaway slave." (10.3).

During times of slavery, black churches were completely separate from white churches. This gave black people freedom to organize and to hide running slaves. Ohio, where the story is set, has a rich history of African-American churches. It's in Mr. Small's nature to want to preserve the tradition.

Quote #3

"That's the past, Papa," Thomas had told him. "That's no reason for the way it is now." (10.4)

We see in other moments that Thomas is really upset by segregated churches. He thinks that people of all colors should pray together in the same church. What do you think? Why?

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