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The House of Dies Drear

The House of Dies Drear


by Virginia Hamilton

The House of Dies Drear Resources


Official Website of Virginia Hamilton

Lots of interesting information on our author, and (since she loved frogs) lots of frog jokes.

"The Underground Railroad"

Try this brief, interactive tour of the Underground Railroad, from National Geographic Online.

People and Events of the Underground Railroad

A great resource, courtesy of PBS.

Scholastic's Underground Railroad Site

This interactive exploration will give you lots of information. The site is loaded with slide shows, primary sources, even teachers' guides.

Get Aboard the Underground Railroad

Want to visit a house that was part of the Underground Railroad network? Check out this National Park Service website which lists these historic locations. You can find them everywhere from Florida up to Maine. Lots of these houses are open to the public.

The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Offers information on the Underground Railroad, and even discusses slavery in the world today.

Movie or TV Productions

House of Dies Drear, 1984
Make sure you watch this on a dark and stormy night, because it's super spooky!


A Clip from the Movie

This is the scene where Thomas meets Pesty and Mac. They changed it a little from the book, but it's still pretty good.

"Snipets" With Virginia Hamilton

A brief, illustrated biography of Hamilton.


Movie Cover

Is this Mayhew dressed as Mr. Pluto, or is it Mr. Pluto?

Another Movie Cover

Looks like Mayhew and Thomas getting to know each other.

A Secret Passageway

This picture, from a real Underground Railroad house, called the Levi Coffin House, shows a secret passageway. The beds could be pushed in front of the doorway to hide it.

Inside an Underground Cavern

Mr. Pluto's house looks something like this.

Another Cavern

This one's called "The Devil's Tea Table." Mr. Pluto would love that!

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