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The House of Dies Drear

The House of Dies Drear


by Virginia Hamilton

Thomas Small Timeline and Summary

  • Day 1, Saturday: Thomas dreams he's in a massive pine forest being chased by a scary man.
  • When he wakes up, he realizes it's his thirteenth birthday and that he's in the car with his family, driving to his new home (a haunted house!) in Ohio.
  • Thomas arrives at the new house and immediately starts exploring.
  • On the very first night he gets lost exploring under the house, and is chased by a scary man (like the one in his dream) when he's exploring the property.
  • Day 2, Sunday: When Thomas wakes up, he learns that his father found some mysterious triangles in the bedroom doorways – which means someone was in the house while they slept.
  • At church, Thomas doesn't get the warm reception he's hoping for and gets upset.
  • When he finds a fourth triangle in his father's office, he forgets his sorrows and gets excited again.
  • But, when he and his family get home that night, they find the kitchen trashed.
  • He and his dad go to confront Mr. Pluto.
  • They meet Mayhew and see Mr. Pluto's treasure.
  • Day 3, Monday: Thomas and his Dad go to Columbus, a big city nearby, and buy costumes and makeup.
  • Along with his dad, Mr. Pluto, Mayhew, and Pesty, Thomas participates in scaring the Darrows.
  • According to Mayhew, they'll never bother the Smalls, or Mr. Pluto, again.
  • Day 4, Tuesday: When Thomas finally wakes up, he eats his breakfast fast, then races to Mr. Pluto's cabin.
  • His dad is already there and has already started work on cataloguing Mr. Pluto's treasure.
  • Thomas waits nearby to see if his Dad will need his help.